CFS/ME links

Please note that I do not necessarily agree with all the content (either scientific or political) presented on the pages that I link to. Some of it is quite controversial even. I have however only collected links that present mostly information about CFS/ME that I (and others) can agree with.

Sites about CFS/ME

CFIDS Association of America
MERGE a British organization focusing on research
Co-Cure a large collection of CFS/ME articles
CFS-News an outdated yet still very informative archive
CFS DAYS science, humor and even a comic about CFS/ME
A Hummingbird's Guide to ME a scientific and polemic goldmine of the severely ill Jodi
Borg of Space Ingeborg's site focusing on practical issues of severe CFS/ME
Memoria Page for CFS victims
CFS Phoenix Home Page both research and anecdotal material
Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation a CFS/ME foundation dedicated to the memory of Alison who died of severe CFS/ME news and hundreds of articles about CFS/ME and fibromyalgia
Fibro/CFS Foothold a versatile and inspiring site by Australian Ricky
Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of ME information and activism from Britain
Fatigue a CFS/ME wiki focused on practical issues
CFS & FM Support Group of DFW information about treatments, especially Cheney's protocol
Listening to CFIDS articles from doctors and essays, stories and art from patients
R.E.S.C.I.N.D. Repeal Existing Stereotypes for Chronic, Immunological and Neurological Diseases
The Committee for Justice and Recognition of ME a current and historical view into CFS/ME
MEActionUK British activism
Sleepydust mostly practical information for someone with CFS/ME and people close to them
The One Click Group actual proceedings (scientific and political) related to CFS/ME
Action for M.E. includes e.g. the archives of the InterAction magazine
National ME/FM Network material about CFS/ME and fibromyagia
The Treatment Center for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Creative For A Second a book featuring art from people with CFS/ME/FM
WAMCARE Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research
Blue Ribbon Campaign for ME/CFS
OSLERSWEB.COM website and blog of Hillary Johnson, author of Osler's Web
Behind the Surface
Surviving Severe ME

Communities and mailing lists Usenet newsgroup (also CFS-L)
Severe MEites United
CFSFMExperimental a highly active list about experimental and controversial treatments
PWChat a chat list about CFS/ME
CFIDSARTS a list for artists and writers with CFS/ME
me_cfs_severe a LiveJournal community for severe CFS/ME

Other related sites

PubMed a searchable database of medical papers
Medhelp free answers from medical professionals
American Pain Foundation a lot of information about chronic pain and pain treatments
Quackwatch a skeptic view on medicine
Low Dose Naltrexone website information about the LDN treatment
Immune Web resources about illnesses related to the immune system
The HHV-6 Site somewhat controversial material about human herpesvirus 6
DNAvitamins affordable nutritional supplements and no postage (European)
Bodykind a good selection of affordable nutritional supplements with minimum postage fees (European)
AbilityHub assistive technology for the disabled
Health @ Suite101 information about e.g. chronic illness and immune system problems
Breath & Shadow an online magazine about disability culture
A Ragged Edge online thousands of articles about disability
Disability UK practical information about disability and chronic illness
Disabled World news and articles for people with disabilities
The Invisible Disabilities Advocate resources about chronic illness and chronic pain
Sexuality and Disabilities information about wheelchairs
The Invisible Disabilities page thought-provoking essays and stories
Dysautonomia Information Network


The Day My Name Went Away a story about brainfog
What to do/not do for chronically ill friends a thought-provoking journal entry
Cruelty of chronic fatigue an Australian article about CFS/ME and how cruel it can be
eMedicine - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a mostly well-informed article on a website for professionals
Trapped in bed for 14 years with chronic fatigue Daily Mail's disheartening article about the severely ill Lynn
Do They Want My Wife To Die? husband Jesse Lemisch writes about Naomi Weisstein's constant struggle
National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week: The four big lies