I have discontinued my Angelfire website and moved here. Actually I don't really want to think of this as something entirely new, but just a new version. A lot of the content I had there was migrated to this new layout, but I also ended ditching many pages and subsites. I originally started my Angelfire site in March 1997 (over a decade ago!) and in fact some of the content I had already built in 1996 on a site called Firefly, which required logging in to view these "homepages", but I did not know of better at the time.

I chose Angelfire as my "real" host because I liked the name more than eg. Geocities. When I joined the site had a quota of 35 kilobytes. Yep, that's less than several of my current pages have, even excluding the images. The quota was of course extended several times over the years, but I believe it's not more than 5 or 10 megabytes at the moment. I got around it by storing my almost 250 megabytes of photos in my shell account which I got in 1999 (didn't want to migrate my entire website there for several reasons).

I never had much problem with Angelfire, no matter how much other people mock it. There was a disk crash in May 1997 and they lost everything, but I had everything backed up. Accidentally it was only stored was only on a floppy which was subsequently lost in a library, but I found it and restored all the content. Angelfire has had very little downtime over the years and if you used a decent browser, you used to see no ads even without any Adblocks. The only sucky thing was that if you had any problems, the helpdesk only gave you copypaste answers unrelated to your query.

During the whole time I was going to migrate away "soon". I wanted to get my own domain name, but I could never think of anything (didn't want to use my realname or my nickname, as they both sounded lame in that context). I also needed a new design, and that too was going to come "soon". I have made quite a bit of web design for money even so I wanted to design the site myself, but I never learnt CSS and stuff like that. After I got sick I could no longer really learn new things nor did I have the energy to redesign the whole website. At some point I realized it was not going to happen.

The final push came when I started working on my book, which of course is going to need a proper website. And it isn't very convincing if the author of the book had a website on Angelfire that looked like it was made in 1997 (because it was made in 1997, with only minor revamping done in early 2002). So I decided that it was really time to do what I had planned to do for a decade. I asked my friend for help with the design and in the end the domain name popped up quite easily, and luckily it wasn't taken. A good friend of mine managed to get me some free webhosting from a friend of his.

This was also good time to ditch all the content that had started to feel like clutter in my life, which comprised a large part of the massive site. I had started the page at the age of 13 after all. Even though Bon Jovi is still one of my favorite bands at 23, maintaining a fan site felt a bit silly. And I had grown out of tamagotchis, UFO stuff and a lot of the other stuff there. Other pages were not worth all the hassle it took to update them. So I got rid of all this clutter. The old pages are still there and will be until Angelfire decides to remove them for some reason, but they will not be touched any more.