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On this page you will find my favorite links including people, humor, movies, music, entertainment, software, organizations, controversy and other great topics. Most of my link collection is spread on other pages of this site, e.g. links related to games are on the Game reviews page and medical links have their own page


(I used to have dozens of friends listed here back in the 90s, but most have discontinued their websites since. Lamers!)

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Great software

For many years I used to make my living writing about software. I'm quite pedantic about the programs I use - you'd never get me near Word or Firefox or other pieces of crap again.

  • Opera, the best web browser (I'm sorry, but Firefox sucks)
  • JavE "the Photoshop of ASCII art"
  • Atlantis the best word processor
  • Atlantis Nova an excellent free version of the former with very few limitations
  • Inkscape an excellent free vector art package
  • TexGen a seamless texture generator
  • Art Rage a digital painting tool with both free and very cheap versions available